Right now, there are over 500 advertising agencies operating in the country.

If you’re looking for an agency, chances are you’ve visited some of their sites and read pretty much the same stuff over and over again. How each one of them is different, special and deserving of your business? Good for them.

Inconsequential fact

‘Pantone’ the fish doesn’t define us or represent us. It just floats through our working days.

Why don’t we skip the blah blah blah and walk the talk?

In a nutshell – set up in 2002, BullsEye operates out of one of the most progressive free trade zones in Dubai, DMCC. Essentially, an entrepreneurial venture, the agency is an independent communications specialist. Void of affiliations, awards and advertising gurus.

We’ve never won an award. Never. We believe the only reason we remain in business is to promote your brand, not ours.

We have no other branches. Nowhere on Earth and none on the moon. We believe that a centrally operated agency functions more effectively than one with a diverse network. We believe you should pay for our services, not our franchise costs or overheads.

What you see is what you get.

No gel, no suits, no gurus. We roll up our sleeves and do what we do best work smart, work hard and get the job done. Our job lists look like job lists, not laundry lists.


We can only brag this much. If you’re looking for more to read, you could get back to those sites you were browsing. But if what we say is music to your ears, if you are keen to work with a bunch of real people addressing real challenges and making seemingly impossible assignments a reality, you need to get in touch with us. Now.

And if any of the above sounds like the usual blah blah blah, don’t take our word for it. Talk to our clients who swear by us, not at us.

Inconsequential fact

All we need is a cricket match to compliment a focused day of hard work.


Having worked with Bullseye for many years on various local and pan regional brand launches I would say that Bullseye’s strength lies in the attitude to spend some time exploring the problem and come up with an insight based solution. We have often depended on the team to deliver quality output in short timelines and they have done so time and again, meeting stated commitments.

Parul Sikka - Castrol

We have been working with Bullseye for 10 years; the creativity, speed and superb execution make them a great and solid partner.

Rania Rostom - GE

Bullseye is a unique, made-to-order agency with flexibility, which is what clients need for a quick turn-around campaigns. They will always come back to you with options, and more importantly listen carefully to your requirements and have it as the center of their brief. What I like most about them is they do not come back to you with nonsense, big words, and brilliant but not applicable campaigns! They will stick to the brief and deliver it.

Mohammed Z. Samir
BP Middle East

The Bullseye team is always ready to support GE on our most critical projects. From design to implementation, their flexibility, creativity, and execution shine through. We know that our projects are in good hands with Bullseye, and rely on them as an extended member of the GE family.

Kirsten Kutz - GE


If we aren’t standing around drinking chai or watching the ‘most important cricket match in the history of cricket’, our design studio and client service team are working to produce distinct, memorable and inspiring communication solutions for our clients.

Our organisational structure is inspired by old-fashioned family values. One for all, all for one. We work hard as a team, play harder as friends.

Inconsequential fact

We’ve got a coffee machine that Starbucks would die for, but it’s our ‘chai’ that’s contagious.

Riyaz Neem Proprietor with an anti-establishment steak. Doesn’t own a suit. Rides a motorcycle to work in sweltering heat (and pretends to enjoy it). Reluctant user of iphones and Macs. Can’t get through the day without his masala chai.
Jayesh VV Bob Marley is alive and well. At least that’s what you’re likely to believe after meeting him. His eclectic view on life, music and methods of attaining nirvana is manifested in his designs. Strange guy.
Biju Koottala His quiet demeanor hides a highly efficient work ethic. Graphic designer with over a dozen years in the industry, he has probably churned out more print artworks than he’d like to remember.
Arun Kumar Finance Officer, Administrative Manager, etc. Essentially, an ace number cruncher obsessed with Excel Sheets, Arun’s a thorough professional and is the proverbial method in the surrounding madness.
Thomas Rodrigues Artist, visualiser, graphic designer. Gives “been- there-done-that” a whole new meaning. A devout follower of all things spiritual, his composed demeanour is contagious. Has mastered the art of sleep-on-demand. Fairly productive when awake, though.
John Ryan Move over Skrillex and Sublime. Your prodigy is alive and well… here in Dubai. Punk reggae, grunge, heavy metal and a 72-page catalogue design in a day. Piece of cake.
Sajith K The man on the move…. literally; office Assistant and Man Friday. More often than not, the face of BullsEye. Missed most when we have to make our own chai.
Sinu Vijayan Tall, dark and handsome. His designs are even better looking. Barely. A man of few words, he lets his mouse and Adobe tools do the talking.
Roshni Gokhale Marketing Communications guru. After a 20-year plus career with Emirates, Roshni has provided strategic consulting to leading corporations in the UAE over the last 5 years. Her presence at Bullseye raises the average IQ level of the team many times over!


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